Travel Photography

The Canadian Arctic offers vast, unspoiled wilderness. Great Canadian Ecoventures sponsor these tours.

Dolphin Charters offers not only natural-history day trips in northern California, but INCREDIBLE trips to Patagonia and Alaska and many points in between. Owner/captain Ronn Patterson has been doing these trips for almost two decades and knows the best light. This is the organization that Betty has worked with since 1999 on her Alaska trips. HIGHLY recommended!

Cheeseman Photo Safaris is a reputable company that has offered terrific photo safaris all over the world for decades.

Looking for tips on taking great travel photos? The folks who put out Fodors travel guides have put together this site, Fodor’s Focus on Photography, designed for beginning and intermediate photographers.

Holbrook Travel. In business since 1974, this organization offers all kinds of photo expeditions worldwide,

This site, sponsored by International Expeditionsl, features some yummy-looking international tours, some of which are tailor-made for photographers.

Famous photographers lead these International Wildlife Adventures wildlife trips worldwide.

Kennicott, Alaska is an old copper mining town on the edge of the Wrangell Mountains, one of the world’s last great unspoiled wildernesses. No crowds here–just great photography. This is a link for Kennicott Glacier Lodge.

National Park Service. Maps, reservations and all kinds of other information are available at this site.

Ultimate Guide to Travel Photography. This link offers all kinds of tips for travel photography, from packing for airline travel to entering travel photo contests. features the first-rate photos of Philip Harle. The photos are keyed to maps so you can preview what some world destinations look like before you travel there. Blogs, equipment reviews and more.

Loaded Landscapes has all kinds of suggestions for where and when to travel for awesome photographs. Betty Sederquist just posted a tiny article along with photos about how to travel in Iceland, for example. There are tips on lenses, filters, flower photography and much more!