Inspirational Photographers

Perhaps America’s most famous landscape photographer, Ansel Adams produced stunning images of the American West. Here’s his gallery, which also features the fine work of other contemporary photographers.

Bill Atkinson is better known as the Macintosh pioneer who designed QuickDraw, MacPaint and Hypercard. But he also produces incredible landscape photos. For a breathtaking lesson on composition, take a look at some of the 250 on-line images here. It’s almost like having a coffee-table book in your computer.

Gary Auerbach is a fine art photographer in Tucson, Arizona. He specializes in platinum-process photography. Some beautiful work!

Jerry Avenaim, based in Los Angeles, is a leading celebrity photographer with many national magazine covers to his name. He also does exquisite fine-art photography, including landscapes. This well-designed site is very inspirational.

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre are European photographers who have done an amazing job of documenting the ruins of Detroit and other cities. Haunting workand his team feature spectacular aerial photos of locations all over the world.

Pete Block has an impressive portfolio of northern California nature images and many areas worldwide. Elegant website.

Tom Bol, based in Colorado, is known for his adventure photography.

Phil Borges is a social documentarian who has made portraits of indigenous cultures all over the world.

John Broski is a northern California photographer with a terrific sensitivity for composition and light. Amazing panos and HDR work.

Nick Chaldakov, based in Varna, Bulgaria, does it all: landscapes, portraiture, fine art photography and digital. Lots here to look at.

Chasing the Storm. Great weather photo images. An eclectic view of weather phenomena. Quality varies, but some great instructional material.

Former National Geographic photographer Bruce Dale continues to produce extraordinary work. His images show his amazing sensitivity and respect for the world around him. Recently he’s been exploring digital environments and offers individualized workshops on the subject. His panoramic work is ground breaking and simply amazing.

The elegantly designed Denarie Design Studios site is an inspiration. The Flash plug-in is needed to view the site.

French photographer Marc Deneyer features stunning black and white images of Greenland icebergs on this site.

Ken Duncan is an Australian photographer leading international trips.

Kathy Durrett is well-known for her stunning off-road racing photos, but she also does everything from wedding to wildlife photography.

Jack Dykinga, a Pulitzer Prize winner turned landscape photographer, travels all over the world leading workshops. His photos have long been a staple of Arizona Highways.

Chris Fletcher, a UK photographer, travels all over the world via motorcycle to hard-to-reach corners of the planet. Especially take a look at his photos of vintage cars in Cuba.

Dr. Robert and Lorri Franz produce some of the best wildlife photographs you’ll see anywhere. You’ll find detailed discussions of their equipment and film preferences and lists of photo tours they lead. Very worthwhile!

Michael Frye, a well-known Yosemite photographer, has produced great books and apps about this great park. He also teaches workshops.

Randal Jeter is a Seattle-based travel and art photographer with images of Laos,Thaliand, Burma, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Tibet, India and Pakistan, as well as the American West.

Mountain Light is a gallery in Bishop, California. The gallery features the images of Mountain Light’s founders, the late Galen and Barbara Rowell, along with an all-star cast of exhibitors and workshop instructors.

Gary Hart leads terrific workshops to Yosemite and the eastern side of the Sierra Nevadas. He knows these areas intimately and is generous with his information. His blog is full of tips.

Dewitt Jones offers amazing creative work and inspiration. Lately his focus has been "iPhoneography."

James Kay excels in exquisite landscape photography as well as cutting-edge action photography. Especially check out his incredible U.S. Southwest material. Recently his work has been featured both in PC Photo Magazine as well as Nikon Pro magazine. Very inspirational!

Lewis Kemper is a prolific Photoshop workshop instructor, Canon Explorer of Light, and high-end printer based in the Sacramento area. His nature images are internationally known.

Kerik Kouklis goes retro with nineteenth century photo chemistries and decidedly contemporary subjects. He teaches regularly at the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite.

Frans Lanting is perhaps the best of the best when it comes to nature photography. He has exhibited at major museums all over the world. A passionate environmentalist, he has collected major awards for his work in addition to publishing numerous books.

George Lepp, an Outdoor Photographer columnist for many years, offers lots of technical tips, links and more on this web site.

Tuan Luong, a computer scientist at SRI International, produces some of the most breathtaking images of the American West ever, shot with both 35mm and large-format equipment. Hundreds of images are on his website. He was recently featured in a PBS Ken Burns series on U.S. national parks.

Tom Mangelsen is known for some of the best landscape and photography in North America.

Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre are European photographers who have done an amazing job of documenting the ruins of Detroit and other cities. Haunting work.

Dan Massey, in the U.K, offers this site specializing in fine-art black and white photography. In each category of photos, he also offers great links and resources.

Gary and Joanie McGuffin are adventurers extraordinaire, exploring the world by canoe, sea kayak and more. Their work has appeared in books, magazines and on TV.

Joe McNally, Nikon flash guru and prolific author, offers amazing imagery and tips.

Justin W. amd Shannon Moore has a coveted URL— The fine photos measure up to the web address.

Arthur Morris, considered one of the world’s finest bird photographers, has a great site packed with photos and tips.

William Neill made his name as a Yosemite photographer, but his present landscapes encompass so much more. For an inspirational look at some great images, take a look.

Chris Noble is one of the most widely published adventure photographers working today. Credits include National Geographic, Sports Illustrated and many others.

Stephen Oachs is a northern California photographer with some breaktaking landscape and wildlife work.

Irene Owsley produces stunning nature panoramics and much more.

Brad Perk’s extensive site includes gorgeous West Coast landscape images—including some of the best-ever of the Mt. Diablo area in northern California. The site also includes wedding and portrait photography as well as lots of useful links.

Bob Peters was the official photographer of Sydney’s preparations for the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Moose Peterson has a huge site, with lots of tips on technique. He’s written six Nikon technical guides in addition to writing and publishing for many major magazines.

Photojournalist Wendell Phillips features amazing portraits and lifestyle images from all over the world.

Dianne Poinski is a talented, nationally recognized Sacramento photographer/artist who blends old and new techniques for evocative images that often mix infrared and hand-coloring with special pastels. She offers classes, too.

Jack Reznicki is a highly regarded New York commercial photographer.

Leonard Lee Rue is a legendary wildlife photographer who has written a column for years for Outdoor Photographer magazine. You’ll find an online store featuring books and field-tested equipment.

Chris Rainier, who often photographs for National Geographic, has documented unusual cultures around the world. Powerful images!

R&L Rothstein offer some of the best bird and marine mammal photos anywhere in their extensive Imaging Nature gallery.

Rupert Sagar-Musgrave has been all over the world. One of his great specialities is equine photography. If you like horses, there’s some terrific material here.

Carl Sams has self-published some books of his exquisite images on wolves and deer. Very inspirational!

John Sexton is considered the modern-day guru of black and white photography.

Montana-based photographer Ian Shive shares some great images from Malaysia and the American West on his WaterandSky site. His Flash wizardry is terrific.

The Stock Solution features a website showcasing many beautiful photographers’ websites. Some gorgeous images here. features an extensive alphabetical listing of nature photographers.

Tom Till made his name with his amazing photos of the American Southwest. He now does much more.

Barbara Tyroler produces eerily evocative portraits in water environments.

Boating photographer Onne van der Wal has documented around-the-world races and more. His photos have appearead in all major North American boating magazines.

Vickyweb is a gallery of flower collages and more.

Greg Von Doersten travels the world taking photographs under extreme conditions.

Kennan and Karen Ward are widely published wildlife photographers, with several books on animals.

Kim Weston, part of a "royal family" of Monterey-area photographers, brings edgy work into play here.

The White House News Photographers Association features some stunning photojournalists’ portfolios. Look at this site for inspiration!

Wild Europe. In this ambitious project, dozens of top-notch photographers have fanned out all over Europe to capture this continent’s wild essence. Stunning work!

Wild Portraits is a small site that features nature photography in the digital era. Some nice work here.

Ben Willmore, one of the country’s great Photoshop gurus, melds his craft and his art into some startling, beautiful images.

Famous wildlife and landscape photographer Art Wolfe maintains a glitzy web site complete with tech tips, multimedia show, portfolios and more. Worth looking!

Jennifer Wu is a Canon Explorer of Light who until recently taught at Cosumnes River College in South Sacramento. at