Mega Sites

ACE–All Camera Equipment. A photo site extravaganza, this web guide contains more than 1,000 links for camera stores, mail order and specialty houses, used equipment dealers and dozens of online photo magazines from around the world.

Digital Journalist. This massive, award-winning site features multi-media portfolios and audio interviews from some of the world’s leading photojournalists, interviews and links to just about everything important related to photography. Highly recommended!. is a huge site with lots of instruction, links and more. is a HUGE site from Peter Marshall in the UK. Well organized, it covers just about every photography topic imaginable. Magazines, links, profiles and much more.

The Photo Woman lists dozens of great sites about women in photography.

Take a look at this massive web site, produced by Leslie O’Shaughnessy Studios, that will connect you to equipment, mail-order, newsgroups and more. One of the best I’ve seen. Much of the information below is also found on this site.