iPhone Photo Links

iPhones and their kin (Droid, Samsung, iPad, iPod Touch, etc.) are much more than photo toys these days. With new apps appearing every day they have become the artistic medium of choice for many photographers, even pros. Here are a few favorite links.

Ashcroft 54 offers lots of cool tips on iPhone apps.

Dewitt Jones offers inspiration and hope with his gorgeous iPhone photographs. A veteran pro photographer, he brings a special sensibility to this medium. I had the privilege of taking an iPhone photography class recently from Dewitt; he has such a great vision!

Life in LowFi. Tons of blogs, and reviews of apps.

PhotoJojo is probably the world’s leading supplier of iPhone accessories. Lots of fun stuff here, reasonably priced.In particular, check out their Olloclip. Photojojo also offers online tutorials.The site is occasionally hard to navigate, but worthwhile.

Really Right Stuff. One of the world’s most respected manufacturer of tripods and other accessories now features a line of iPhone gear.

Used Camera Buyer. Want to sell your old iPhone or iPad? Here’s a source.