Camera Manufacturers

Calumet has long been a leader in high-quality view cameras. Now they sell lots of gear from many manufacturers.

Canon makes some of the best 35mm equipment in the world.

Contax features superb point-and-shoots, a new medium format camera and superb Carl Zeiss optics. Pricey but worth it if you want the very best.

Hasselblad. This legendary medium-format Swedish camera has been at the center of many professional photographers’ careers.

Leica Cameras are probably the finest cameras made in the world.

Mamiya is a leader in medium-format photography. They are also the distributor for Sekonic hand-held light meters as well as Toyo view cameras.

Minolta has a elegant site, featuring an on-line magazine for Minolta camera owners. Own a Minolta camera? Learn about your camera system by joining this online discussion group.

Nikon is one of the great names in photography. Be sure to check out this site. Join this huge list for just about any questions you have on Nikon equipment.

Join the Nikonians for forums, articles, workshops, galleries, buying and selling of Nikon gear, and much more.

Panasonic makes a respectable line of cameras.

Pentax features a wide range of excellent cameras and lenses. Great optics for the price.

Sigma—Best known for its affordable lenses, Sigma also makes cameras and flashes.

Tamron/Bronica are two of the finest names in camera equipment. Lots of photography how-to information. Some great discounts are available on the site.