Digital Processing, Books & Albums

Albums Inc. The motto of this company is "everything after the photography." A source of albums, mats, supplies and frames.

Amazon. I’ve put together a listing of handpicked photography books from this well known supplier. For a listing of hand-picked digital photography books at great prices from Amazon go here.

Bay Photo, based in Santa Cruz, California, offers outstanding service and a wide range of products.

Blurb. If you’d like to print a limited number of books, such as a family album or portfolio, this might be the answer. It’s the short-run publisher of choice for many photographers.

Shutterfly. This e-commerce company specializes in digital photo products and services. Upload your files and you’ll get the prints in the mail. Also take a look at their customized photo books, coffee mugs and more.

eCampus. Deeply discounted textbooks. Note: check to be sure you have the same ISBN number and also check shipping times. - Buy for Less! Sell for More!

Miller’s Lab. This pro lab earns the praise of many photographers for its superior work.

Mpix. A favorite of many digital photographers, this source offers professional quality images from files that you upload to the site. Many other services available.

If you live in northern California, Giclee Photo Enlargements by PC35 PhotoLab might be able to help you out. Competitive prices! offers a wide variety of paper products and pricing. Great for producing inexpensive books!