Photographic Supplies

Academic Superstore (click on link below) is a great source for software, deeply discounted for students. I’ve used this company often.

Academic Software

Amazon. This giant book and video seller also sells printer inks and much more at competitive prices.

Campus Tech. Software discounts and more for registered students/faculty. Great, professional service

College Software. Participating educational institutions, including California community colleges, can get some of the best discounts ever on Adobe products.

Delkin Devices. A source of archival DVDs.

Educational Resources. Currently registered students and faculty can take advantage of deep discounts on software and more through this organization.

Epson. Epson produces excellent printers, papers and inks for digital imaging. Look here for ICC profiles for their papers.

Hewlett Packard. This manufacturer produces excellent photo printers and companion papers.

Ink4art offers papers and inks for major printers. Check out their free shipping deals. is a source of paper weights and sizes. The site also offers inks and papers for sale.

Inkjet Mall. Excellent source of hard-to-find papers, inks and ICC profiles.

IT Supplies. Excellent source of papers and inks at competitive prices. California residents save sales tax. Free shipping with orders over $75. Best of all, the folks are NICE and know what they’re talking about.

JourneyEd (see below), with its deep discounts for students and faculty, is a great source of all things digital.

Paper2U: a huge source of inkjet papers. Free shipping.

Lexjet. A source of papers, profiles and more.

Moab Paper. An excellent source of fine-quality digital printing papers.

Premier Imaging Products. High quality papers, coatings and more.

Publishing Perfection. Wide-ranging source of supplies, Photoshop plugins and more.

Red River Paper. Excellent source of many brands of papers and inks. ICC profiles are also available for many papers.

SensorSweep. A static-charged, 1/2 inch wide brush for dusty DSLR sensors.

SanDisk. A major manufacturer of digital camera memory cards.

Here’s a listing of some favorite digital SLR (single-lens reflex) cameras, available at great prices from Amazon.