Digital Software & Hardware

Adobe. The monster we can’t live without. For photographers, the must-have software is either Photoshop or Lightroom. This huge site offers software, support, FAQs, discussion groups and more.

Apple. This is the operating system of choice for many photographers and digital imaging professionals. The stuff gets done, and it gets done right with minimal fuss.

Breeze Browser. Photo organizing software for Windows platforms only.

Canon produces high-quality photo printers.

Epson produces a vast array of home and commercial printers, as well as some high quality photo papers. I own several.

Extensis Portfolio. This highly regarded photo organization program has been around for years.

Free Photoshop. A huge source of free downloads, links, demos and more.

MacPhun. I love the Aurora (for HDR) and Luminar plugins (Lightroom or Photoshop add-ons) made by this company. Luminar is Mac-only, although Aurora is now being configured for Windows machines. The Noiseless Pro software is one of the best I’ve seen for noise reduction and it’s easy to use.

MaskPro is a highly regarded program that helps you mask difficult parts of your image, such as hair or smoke.

Media Pro. Formerly known as Microsoft Expression Media and before that iView, this excellent software program, recently purchased by Phase One and before that Microsoft, permits easy and intuitive cataloguing of images.

Photomatix. For HDR (high dynamic range) users, this is the flagship program preferred by many HDR aficionados. Easy and intuitive to use, you can create some beautiful enhancements with this software.

Color Munki. One of the most popular monitor calibration programs out there.

NewEgg (click on link below) is a vast source of techie products. I’ve used them with good results.

Once You Know, You Newegg

San Disk is a manufacturer of camera memory cards, portable memory “sticks” and more.

Wacom. This company makes elegant drawing tablets that make using Photoshop ever so much easier.