Whale Musings

breaching humpback whale, Prince William Sound, Alaska

For some reason, whales have been on my mind. I love these gentle giants and have been photographing them for years. The species I photograph are humpbacks, so named for the curved backs displayed when diving. They were hunted to … read more

Warp Speed Photo Technology

Taku Harbor, Alaska

I have a friend who made a reputation for himself as a creator of large-scale photographic panoramas using large, heavy equipment, and at one time he had three galleries who exclusively represented his work. Along came Photoshop. He refused to … read more

Wet Weather

Raindrops on leaves, Wrangell, Alaska

Often I hear other photographers complain that they can’t take photographs on a given day because it’s raining. Here in Northern California we’re finally into our wet season after months of relentlessly blue sky, and that’s a blessing. The wet … read more