Adapting to the Digital World

Recent headlines in the photography world have chronicled the dilemma of Christopher Burkett, one of America’s renowned landscape photographers. Burkett, now up in years, has perfected his process of painstakingly using a giant 8×10 view camera with film to create … read more

Aerial Photography Adventures

There are still a few folks left on the planet who think photography is so easy, nothing more than pushing that shutter button. Of course the ease of smart phone use contributes to the myth. But here’s a little anecdote; … read more

Workshops That Will Never Happen

Slogging my way through a field of stickers on this hot summer morning and keeping an eye out for rattlesnakes, I come upon the ruins: massive granite blocks sliding into decay. I am at the site of one of the … read more

But Is It Art?

We photographers often suffer from labeling issues. Folks often say, you’re a photographer, not an artist. True, some photographers are not artists, and vice versa. But new technologies have blurred those barriers. I spend a hefty part of my life … read more

The Voices of Bloggers

Carmel corridor

These days we communicate in so many ways. The best communication is face to face, but that is not always possible. We photographers often network with one another, even when we’re thousands of miles away. Blogging—a term not even invented … read more

Our Changing Attitudes About Wildlife

Recently I came across a photo taken by a distant relative in the early 1920s. He and his wife were doing the “grand tour” of Asia, traveling by steamship. Their photo album chronicles their amazing adventures. Amid photos of various … read more

Up Close with Bears

Borwn Bear Closeup

I love bears. I’ve spent a lot of time with them over the years in Alaska, observing most of them in Southeast Alaska. But never have I had an up-close experience like the one that happened last August. With a … read more


Although the affliction is found in every photographic genre, nature photographers seem to be particularly guilty of this phenomenon: the iconic photo. For landscape photographers, there is no more iconic location than the Yosemite Valley. This is where Ansel Adams, … read more