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Complete only for International Accommodations:

We are traveling together and would like:

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____ I give Strabo Tours Permission to give my name and

phone number to a potential roommate.*

____ I would like single room at the single room supplement rate.

____ I am a non-smoker ____ smoker

*If a roommate cannot be assigned I will charged the single rate.

Galapagos Tours: Single rooms are not available on Cruises.


Special interests


Dietary Restrictions


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Special occasion you will be celebrating on this tour



Air Transportation: Once you receive your first packet of predeparture

materials, please contact Strabo Tours if you would

like us to assist in issuing your airline tickets. Note: we do charge

a per person fee for this service. We would be pleased to give

you some guidance over the phone if you wish to issue yourself.

Please tell us how you heard about Strabo Tours, or list

how you found our web site (magazine ad, search engine



Trip Cancellation / Interruption Insurance

We strongly recommend that you consider purchasing trip

cancellation / interruption insurance. Insurance brochures will be

mailed to you upon enrollment.

Deposit Payment

I/We enclose deposit as listed on tour brochure per person,

either by check or authorize Strabo Tours to use credit card

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A parent must sign if applicant is under 21 years of age.



As a condition of acceptance each participant

understands and has agreed to all of the following

information and the following release of liability: I/We

have carefully read the schedule of activities, requirements, the

“Terms & Conditions” provided by the brochure, and I/we are

aware that the tour involves the risk of personal injury, death or

loss (damage) to property. In consideration of the benefits

derived by the trip, I/we voluntarily recognize and accept all risks

thereof. I/we understand and agree on behalf of myself, my

dependents, heirs, executors, and assigns, to release and hold

harmless Strabo (Strabo International Tour Co.) and any of its

officers, employees, guides, leaders, agents, or representatives,

from any and all claims, including but not limited to liability for

delays, monetary damages, illness, injuries, death, or for the loss

of or damage to property resulting directly or indirectly from any

occurrences or conditions. I/we agree to abide by the conditions

set forth under the “Terms & Conditions” and other sections as

stated herein or elsewhere published. I/we affirm that I/we are

covered by medical insurance, which is valid overseas (not

applicable for Domestic tours). I/we affirm that I/we have not

relied on any additional oral or written representation of Strabo

or their suppliers for executing this release. I/we further

acknowledge receipt of this release and I/we understand and

accept its terms and conditions. Any questions I/we had

concerning this release have been answered to my full


Strabo organizes promotes, and sells travel programs and travel

services that it purchases from other suppliers. The suppliers are

independent contractors and are not agents or employees of

Strabo. They supply services that include, but are not limited to,

transportation, accommodations, meals, and excursions using

local guides. While we endeavor to make travel arrangements

with reputable suppliers, Strabo is not responsible for the willful

or negligent acts and/or omissions of such suppliers, their

employees, agents, servants, or representatives, including,

without limitation, their failure or inadequate delivery of services.

All travel and arrangements are subject to the terms and

conditions specified by the suppliers, air carriers and/or

applicable governing laws. Strabo and the suppliers providing

transportation or any service can accept no responsibility for

losses or additional expenses due to but not limited to delay,

inconvenience, changes to or cancellation of itinerary, sickness,

weather, strike, war, quarantine, terrorism, defects in vehicles,

breakdown in equipment, animals including transportation by

animals, hiking, and any act, omission, negligence or other

causes beyond their control. All such losses or expenses will be

borne by the passenger, as tour rates provide for arrangements

only for the time stated. Strabo is not responsible for expenses

incurred by trip members in preparing for the trip (i.e.: air

tickets, visa/passport fees, equipment, medical expenses,

individual transfers, etc.).

Assumption of Risk: I am voluntarily participating in the trip

with knowledge that it involves some inherent risks and danger

including, but not limited to, forces of nature, terrorism, civil

unrest, strikes, wild animals (including animals used for

transportation), all activities including hiking over rough terrain,

theft, cancellation or changes in itinerary, negligent action of

others or their agencies, or means of conveyance or

accommodation which may not be operated nor maintained to

standards common in the United States. This includes healthrelated

issues, and I am aware that medical services or facilities

may not be readily available or accessible during all or part of my

trip. This includes emergency medical

care, presence of physicians, and adequate medication. On

expeditions of this type it is not possible to accommodate

persons with severe health problems or physical disabilities. It is

the passenger’s responsibility to judge the appropriateness of the

travel activities to their own physical capabilities. By forwarding

the deposit, the passenger certifies they agree with these terms

and conditions and that they do not have any mental, physical or

other condition or disability that would create hazard for them or

other passengers. Strabo and its suppliers take no responsibility

for special arrangements or problems incurred by passengers

unable to participate in the planned activities. The right is

reserved to decline any person as a member of the tour, or to

require any participant to withdraw from the tour at any time.

Insurance: You must have medical insurance, for those

attending international tours it must be valid overseas. We

strongly recommend that you obtain travel insurance, including

coverage for trip cancellation, loss and theft of baggage, and

emergency evacuation. Strabo cannot be responsible for these

expenses. You will be sent insurance information upon

enrollment. Insurance payments are non-refundable.

Changes In Services

Rates: Rates are based on tariffs, U.S. exchange rates and

supplier fees in effect at the time of printing. We reserve the

right to alter our prices. Please note that if Strabo cancels a trip

extension, you are subject to the cancellation penalty for the

main trip should you subsequently decide to cancel your main

trip. Individual transfers for those traveling independently are

not included in the land cost unless otherwise stated. If the

group falls below the minimum paying passenger requirement,

the expedition is subject to cancellation or re-pricing.

Itinerary: Strabo reserves the right to cancel or make changes

in the published itinerary whenever, in its judgment, conditions

warrant, without consulting the participants. Participants have no

right to any refund or other considerations in the event of these

itinerary changes. Strabo reserves the right to cancel any tour

before departure, in which case a full refund of all amounts paid

to Strabo will be made.


Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this

Agreement or the performance hereunder, including without

limitation any claim related to bodily injury, property damage or

death, shall be settled by binding arbitration in Ithaca, New York,

in accordance with the rules of the American Arbitration

Association and New York law. This agreement to arbitrate does

not waive or modify the liability relates contained in the

foregoing paragraph.

The above Terms & Conditions also apply in full to the

suppliers, leaders, and staff of your tour and their


CST Reg. Pend.