Accommodations in and Near Yosemite

In the Park (warning: most of these accommodations fill very early)

Make reservations through Yosemite Reservations (801) 559-5000

Yosemite Lodge at the Falls: Great location near the base of Yosemite Falls
Curry Village (tent cabins, accommodations limited because of recent closures)
The Awahnee (historic hotel, luxurious accommodations)
Wawona Hotel (historic hotel 25 miles south of the valley)
Housekeeping Camp (a cross between tent camping and staying in a rustic cabin, you bring your own sleeping bags)

Individual campsites in the Yosemite Valley. If you'd like to see photos of individual campsites in the valley, click here.

Because of the difficulties in finding camping sites and inexpensive accommodations, we have reserved a group campsite, #A, at Hodgdon Meadow, just inside the north (Highway 120) entrance to the park. You will be making a left turn into the campground. The site is reserved for the nights of May 8 and 9 and costs $40 per night. We will divide this cost according to the number of people and can take up to 15 people in this site. A sign up sheet will be passed around the class to determine interest. The campground is an approximately 45-minute drive from Yosemite Valley.

Outside the Park

El Portal

These are the closest accommodations outside the park, 14 to 22 miles from the valley on Highway 140. All area codes are (209) unless noted otherwise.

Cedar Lodge                                        379-2612           
Yosemite Redbud Lodge                        379-2301
Yosemite View Lodge                        379-2301           
Boulder Creek Inn                                    742-7729
Butterfly Inn B&B                                    742-6633           
Yosemite Motel                                    742-6800
Rockwood Gardens B & B                        742-6817
Shangri-La B & B                                    742-6817
Shiloh B & B                                                742-7200

Along Highway 120 West

Big Oak Flat/Groveland, 25 to 48 miles from Yosemite Valley, an hour to hour and a half drive from Yosemite Valley.

Buck Meadows Lodge                        (800) 253-9673
Evergreen Lodge                                    379-2606           
Yosemite Riverside Inn                        (800) 626-7408
Sugar Pine Ranch                                    962-7823
Yosemite Gatehouse Lodge                        379-2260
Yosemite Westgate Motel                        (800) 253-9673
Berkshire Inn B & B                                    962-6744
Hotel Charlotte                                   (800) 961-7799
Groveland Hotel                                    962-4000
Groveland Motel                                    962-7865
Pine Mountain Lake                                    962-4396
Priest Station Motel                                    962-4181
Yosemite Pines RV Resort (tent & RV sites, a variety of cabins, group rates available) (877) 962-7690 or 962-7690

Mariposa (about 25 miles from Yosemite Valley, public bus service available)

Little Valley Inn                                    742-6204
Comfort Inn                                                966-4344           
Mariposa Hotel (historic)                        966-4676           
Best Western Yosemite Way Station            966-7545           
Mariposa Lodge                                    966-3607           
Miners Inn                                                742-7777           
Meadow Creek Ranch (historic)            (800) 853-2037 or 966-3843           
Mother Lode Lodge                                    966-2521           
Poppy Hill B & B                                    742-6273           
Sierra View Suites Motel                        966-5793
Yosemite Gold Rush Inn                        966-4344
Yosemite-Mariposa B & B Association            800-624-7545
Yosemite Way Station-Best Western            966-7545
Homestead Guest Ranch                        966-2820                                  
Muir Lodge/Budget Host Inn                        966-2468           
Yosemite Bug Hostel                                    966-2468           
Fifth Street Inn                                    966-6048
Holiday Inn Express                                    966-4288
The Clubb’s B&B                                    966-5085
Villa Monti B & B                                    966-2439