Much more than a toy, smartphones offer a whole new way of seeing photographically. This new medium has its pros and cons, but most of all, it’s FUN. We have done several of these workshops in the past couple of years and there have been giggles all around as folks explored the amazing possibilities of these little devices. We’ll start out by helping you learning the basics of smart phone photography, navigating your phone, and then we’ll delve into some of the seemingly endless “apps” that are out there. If time permits, we’ll take half an hour and wander around downtown then compare results. Although emphasis will be on the iPhone4 through iPhone10, we’ll take a look at any smartphone you have, although many of the “apps” we talk about may or may not work with your Droid, Samsung, etc. You’ll want to know your password for accessing the internet from the workshop location. This lively session takes place from 1:30 to 5 PM at American River Conservancy, 348 Highway 49 in historic Coloma. To sign up, go to and navigate to the bottom of the page, “contact us,” and direct your query to Julie Andert at She will take care of enrollment.