Point Reyes National Seashore is one of the most magical stretches of coastline in California, with rugged cliffs, beaches, rolling hills, dairy farms and more.

This three-day workshop (June 1-3, 6 p.m. Friday to 2 p.m. Sunday) will be based at the photogenic and historic Lifeboat Station (pictured in the gallery on this page) at Chimney Rock, which has been converted into simple hostel-like accommodations.

Friday night’s presentation is designed for beginning photographers, reviewing camera settings and composition. (If you’re an advanced photographer you might want instead to spend this time shooting the sunset—conditions permitting—and you’ll have help with this.) We’ll spend all day Saturday in the field, with specific locations to be arranged. Emphasis will be searching out landscapes and textures. Weather permitting we’ll at least walk to the top of the steps that lead to the photogenic Point Reyes Lighthouse, only a couple of miles from the Lifeboat Station. Weather conditions change quickly in this part of the world. Wind is typical–this is one of the windiest places in northern California. Fog makes for mysterious light and is great for vegetation/flowers. As time and weather permit, we might double back to the little town of Inverness for some great photo ops there. Regardless of weather, we’ll explore photo possibilities in a magnificent row of ancient cypresses. We likely will explore at beach at Drakes Bay and also an abandoned farmhouse nearby. Depending on weather, we may start on the trail toward Chimney Rock; magnificent vistas are possible here. Sunrise Saturday may also bring some interesting possibilities at the Lifeboat Station.

Saturday afternoon after lunch, we’ll dive into some computer time for several hours, learning how to fine tune your photos and how to apply some amazing artistic effects to your images. You may want to bring your laptop loaded with Photoshop or Elements for some hands-on learning. Also bring a jump/thumb drive so you can share your images with the group using our projector.

Sunday morning we’ll head out for more shooting, returning to the Lifeboat Station late morning for voluntary critiquing of your weekend’s work.

Please bring layered clothing, perhaps raingear and a warm jacket, comfortable hiking shoes, camera, camera manual, extra cards and batteries plus charger, and perhaps a tripod. If you would like to share your photos with the rest of the group, bring your laptop and other gear necessary for transferring files. Saturday afternoon we’ll discuss techniques for enhancing your lovely images, including basic photo enhancement along with some creative artistic techniques. Early Sunday afternoon we’ll share your work. (Participation in critiques is of course voluntary and we do try to make this fun and constructive.) We can do this in any of several ways: just loan your camera card for a few moments for download into Betty’s laptop, or pick and choose a few favorite images that you then put on a thumb/flash drive.