Taking the photo is one thing, but making your photo really “zing” is another. It’s truly an addictive art form. Using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements (your software of preference), we’ll quickly review the basics of each software, then move right on to the fun parts. We’ll look at tools, drop-down menus and especially we’ll look at layers. A laptop and software are nice, but not required. Although you can’t learn Photoshop in a day, we’ll try to get past the often confusing jargon and give it our best!

This workshop takes place at the American River Conservancy, in the heart of the historic town of Coloma. For a map of where ARC is located, click here. This is a benefit for ARC.

To register, contact Julie Andert, julie@arconservancy.org, or call (530) 621-1224.