Designed for total beginners, we’ll offer over five hours of intense immersion in your camera. From 10:00 until about noon we’ll hunker down with some fast-moving Powerpoint lectures on basic camera settings, exposure and composition. After lunch from noon to 1 (bring a bag lunch or visit Coloma’s great organic cafe, the Argonaut), we’ll take a look for a couple of hours at each of your cameras and the various menus and settings and so on (bring your camera manual). Then we’ll “invade” Coloma with cameras and try out some of these settings on the amazing textures on the old buildings close by, returning to our headquarters to look at one another’s LCD screens (and if you want, we can load your card in a laptop/card reader/or jump drive and look at the photos on a big screen) and maybe finish with a short discussion on workflow, storage and so on. The ambiance will be fun and casual; you’re among friends who may be feeling as intimidated as you are by all this new technology. Attendance is limited to ten (first come, first served), so we can provide quality one-on-one time with each of you. Usually only a few people enroll, making this a quality experience.

As time permits, we’ll talk about camera lenses and any specialty topics you may be interested in.

This is a benefit for the American River Conservancy.


348 Highway 49, Coloma. (the contact page of The American River Conservancy website has a map showing the exact location)


10:00 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, March 10, 2018

What to Bring:

Camera, camera manual, tripod (if you have one) and a sense of fun. Dress comfortably.

How Much:

The workshop costs $100, $85 for ARC members.